Monday, June 14, 2010

One for the guys IncyWincy Challenge

Hi Every one,
Last week was so hectic I just couldn't post so I am glad I could this week.
The challenge for this week is called One for the guys. It has been sponsored by One Stop Card Crafts.

I decided to try another frame to sell on our stalls, which I will be doing quite alot from now on. I used a drawn image of a Lamborghini which I colour in a great vibrant yellow. I used photo paper to get the glos. the I used a paper backing with grass on it. I then varnished the frame Mahogany and to make it a little different I allow the car to be open to reveal the makers emblem. This is held in place with magnets which are hidden under the emblem itself.

What You Can Win!!!

You Will also receive 10% during this weeks challenge. Now that is great of Michelle.

Thanks and Good Luck